Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel

Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel – Review



First off, I would like to say that as a father of three, I know how stressful it is when we parents come home to colored walls and furniture. It feels horrendous and trusts me; this product has been a godsend.

The first thing I had noticed upon receiving the Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel is the lackluster packaging which looked completely beaten up, though the actual product was unharmed, the packaging was a flaw that was noticed from the beginning, but that was just the tip of the iceberg of a magnificent product

Upon setting up the item, I noticed that it had looked a little different from what was advertised, but that did not bother me as much as I’m not very particular on that, or maybe it was because I was too busy admiring the splendid build quality of the frame! It felt solid and had given off a very premium feel to it which further helped justify myself spending $180 on a chalkboard.


  1. The chalkboard

The chalkboard comes with a myriad of different features that are sure to impress and entertain the kids.

  1. The Magnetism

Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel Review

Works well as intended and I have had no complaints from the kids so far.

  1. Adjustable height

This feature was a great touch to an already great product as it made sure that the kids would not outgrow the board anytime soon and we parents know that feeling of relief when we don’t have to buy the same thing over again when the kids outgrow it.

  1. Other

Miscellaneous Features (Provided tools, Paper, trays etc.).

All other features work as well as advertised and we have no complaints thus far

 Our Evaluation:

As of now, my family and I have been using this product for about a month and a half now and I would like to give my actual review on it. Firstly, as I had stated at the start of this review, the craftsmanship of the item has really shone out as a huge wow-factor as even up till today, the Easel has not even seen any wear despite the rough play from my kids and I. This really impresses me in retrospect as a number of beatings it took from us really would’ve caused any other product we had bought before to either break or dismantle, but neither happened in the past 2 months and I am utterly impressed

Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel Review

Usefulness and practicality wise, it does what it intends to do and does it exceptionally well, cleaning the board is much easier than any other board we had owned before and my kids prefer the Easel over any other board we had tried before. It helps children express themselves artistically without making us clean up after their mess and provides opportunities for the whole family to bond in a way I had never seen before.

Honestly speaking, Is it worth the $180? To that, I say with much conviction, Yes. Not because I have buyers remorse, but because of how happy my kids are. I see them using the board every night before bed where they would draw and play around with the board and as a parent, it makes me really glad when my kids are happy and actually enjoy the things I buy for them, it has brought us closer as a family too as we would have weekly drawing contests to see who draws the scariest monster or the nicest houses. I never knew what 3 sided wood could do for us till I experienced it for myself and I feel that this product is an absolute godsend. I went in with a mixed bag of expectations and left with a happier family with no regrets. I really can’t recommend this enough. For any parent still having doubts, I give you my guarantee that your kids will love it and so will you.

Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel Review


  • Amazing build quality,
  • Awesome features,
  • Nice and practical design,
  • Fun for the whole family,
  • Easy to clean.


  • Packaging upon shipping was beaten up,
  • Looks a little different from advertised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was it hard to set up?

Answer: Took me about an hour on my own to set up!

Q: How long did shipping take?

Answer: It took about a week or two

Q: Does the chalkboard get permanent stains easily?

Answer: As long as you use the Easel for what it was intended for, not at all

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, this product is a miracle worker and does wonders for kids. No longer do I come home to colored walls and furniture, only a colorful board full of happy memories and lots more to come.

Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel Review Ends here.

Our Evaluation and Rating


The chalkboard comes with a myriad of different features


The Magnetism Works well


Adjustable height feature


Craftsmanship of the item is a huge wow-factor


Usefulness and practicality wise



  • Amazing build quality
  • Nice and practical design
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Easy to clean
  • Awesome features


  • Looks a little different from advertised
  • Packaging upon shipping was beaten up

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