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Copic Markers – A Brief Details

Copic Markers Review
Copic IB12 Ciao Markers Basic Set

Copic Marker raises many questions in the art world – for beginners especially. These markers host a slew of benefits and should be considered.

What is Copic Marker?

Copic Marker is an alcohol-based ink marker that features bright color shades. They have more variety in color and help make any type of artwork more advanced looking. The nib or tip of the marker can come in multiple different sizes and shapes for added versatility. Depending on the brand, some can come with airbrush systems or are compatible with an airbrush. There are also different types of models and this includes original, sketch, wide, comic, and ciao.

The Copic Marker Company

Copic Markers Review
Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece

The Copic marker was created by Imigination International Inc. The company strives to create a product that would make the world better. These markers were designed for convenience and any artist would be able to appreciate these benefits. They have created a number of tools for the art community, but the Copic marker may be one of the best. The company started small from a bedroom in 1998 with only two employees. Now they have over 70 working in a 40,000 spare foot building. The company prides itself on quality and has helped the art world tremendously.

Who Can Use A Copic Marker?

Copic Markers Review
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core

Anyone who needs great detail can use this advanced tool to make highlights in their artwork; this can include card makers, scientific illustrators, stampers, scrapbookers, and manga artists. Copic markers pose significant use when it comes to these fields, thanks to it’s unique technology. These markers offer shading options, can be compatible with airbrush systems, and create bold, uncompromised color that these professionals need for a quality finish. You do not need to be a professional to use these markers though. Anyone who wants the excellent color of these ink markers can utilize them. These markers are a steeper investment, so users are recommended to practice before purchasing.

Benefits of Copic Markers

  1. Longevity

Copic Markers Review
Copic Premium Artist Markers – 72 color Set A – Intermediate Level

Copic markers are not easy to ruin. With constant use, normal markers can begin to fade. Also, the tip of the normal marker can bend, making it difficult to create aesthetically pleasing images. With the Copic marker, users can enjoy a durable design that is meant for frequent use. Of course, these types of markers should be made of quality, but this isn’t always the case. Quality standards depend on the brand you choose. These markers also have difficult running out of ink. This makes it easy to rely on them. There shelf life is approximately three years. This means that if you let them sit while covered for three years, they can still be used.

  1. Ink Purity

Copic Markers Review
      Copic Markers Copic Carrying Case

These artist’s tools are advanced to withstand contamination. Regular markers can easily lose their color integrity. Copic markers can be tested as many as tree times before being commercialized to the customer. An example of the purity level would be using a dark color and then using a light color over it. The lighter color will not mix with the darker color on its nib and the user can enjoy the colors in their entirety for the nest use.

  1. Versatility

Copic Markers Review
Copic Markers 24-Piece Sketch Set, Basic

When it comes to these markers, they can be used on a large number of surfaces. The freedom to express one’s self is central to many artists and these markers can show significant color on most surfaces. Many use them on walls or pieces of jewelry. The color still shows brightly and has a great effect on these objects.

  1. Permanent

With surface in mind, these Copic markers are substantially permanent. This is great for users who draw on different surfaces. If it accidentally gets in hair somehow, it can color the hair that is contacted. This is how strong these markers are. The color will not wash off with water as it clings to hair follicles, but can be removed with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  1. Non-Toxic

Copic Markers Review
          Copic Marker Express Blending Card

The Copic marker is non-toxic and has low odor. Since it is expected to be more frequently used by persons this is a great attribute.

  1. Replaceable

Each marker comes with replaceable nibs. The marker itself is high quality, so it is not easy for the nibs to lose its structure, but the user gets extra assurance with the replaceable tips.

  1. Refillable

The ink is long lasting and reliable. For more longevity, these copy markers can easily be refilled to protect initial investment.

  1. Comfortable and Compatible 

Copic Markers Review
Copic Markers 36-Piece Copic Wallet Case

Copic Markers Review

Many models are built with comfort in mind so the user can show their skill. Also, the side logo of the Copic marker is usually embossed, so it doesn’t rub off on hands.

The Best Copic Markers

When deciding what marker is best, it comes down to

what type of work will be done. These are the different types of Copic markers explained.


Copic Markers Review
Copic Atyou Spica Glitter Pen Set B One Each  Of 12 Colors (Includes Clear) GL12SETB2

The original sets of markers come with a remarkable number of hues as it comes with 214 colors for user choice. They have nine nib options that include two types of calligraphy tips. It also has wide tips and other thinner nibs. This marker is called the original because it was the first style created. It was introduced to the market about 25 years ago and has since been used widely as a quality brand Copic marker. It has a square build, so it won’t move on a flat surface. This brand allows buyers to purchase empty markers so that color can be mixed by the user. This Copic marker also holds the most ink out of any marker on the market. The color code is
printed at the cap end and it is compatible with an airbrush system. This offers the user excellent versatility. The cap can be fastened to the other end for convenience while working.

Copic Markers Review
                 Copic Marker Ciao Markers, Skin, 6-Pack



The wide markers are usually available in 36 different colors and are called this because of their wide shaped nib. Their barrel has an oval shape large in size. Many who use this need it for backgrounds or this can be used for calligraphy also.


Ciao have many colors to choose from as it has 180 colors. These Copic markers are the smallest in size but still have an amazing quality. The have a circular barrel with a brush nib. They also have a chisel nib. This type of Copic marker was brought to market about a decade ago. It is considered more cost effective, especially compared to the sketch, but still offers great quality. This is great for those who are on a budget. This marker is thinner, so for those who would like the feeling of a pen, this brand features the slimmer design. The cap can be fastened to the other end when using for great convenience and the color code is on the actual marker, but it won’t rub because it is etched in.

Copic Markers Review
Copic I36B Ciao Markers Set B, 36-Piece


The comic Copic marker is exclusive to Japan and has 72 colors. They offer users a brush and medium round nib.


This Copic marker was brought to the market about 15 years ago and has since been a great attribute to an artist’s toolbelt. It has been considered a must-have item. The nib for this Copic marker is built strong, meaning it is not easy to bend. Still, it comes with the replaceable nib option for more protection. Its design is both sleek and conventional, as it is made to not roll off of flat surfaces. This is perfect for someone who needs the most out of their Copic marker, as it holds the second most ink out of others that are listed here. So, do not refill frequently. For convenience, the color code is printed on the cap. This marker lets the user be creative, as they can be bought empty and custom colors can be mixed into them. With this marker design, though, the cap can not be fastened to the other end of the marker. This type of Copic

Copic Markers Review
Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set, Bold Primaries

marker offers the most range in color versus others with 358 colors. This is excellent for anyone who needs to utilize extreme shading in their drawings. These are compatible with an airbrush system for Copic markers and come with a brush and chisel nib. By many, these are considered to be the most popular version of the Copic marker.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The sensation surrounded by the use of Copic markers has led many to consider purchasing their own. There may be some questions about the marker or use.

Moreover, with multiple options to choose from, users can choose products based on their needs. Copic markers can be bought individually, as an empty marker, or in large and small quantities. Here are a few questions that have arisen about certain products.

Copic Markers Review
Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking Pen Set    B-2, Black (MLB2)

Q: Can children use this marker?

Answer: The best answer for this is if the child can handle these products without damaging. These are expensive investments; smaller kids should not use these, as they are built for the most professional use. It is up to the individual if they are willing to spend large quantities on these markers for kids. If they are learning and are skilled, these markers can be of great use, but smaller kids can play with less expensive coloring options depending on age.

Q: Will These Markers Bleed Through Paper?

Answer: Depend on the type of paper. These markers or any Copic marker is meant for thicker paper such as card stock. Regular, thin paper will be bleed through. Users usually draw with nothing on the other side of the paper.

Copic Markers Review
Kirarina 2win Oil-Based Markers 144pc Display-10 Colors (Special Item)


Q: Can Copic Markers Fade After Use?

Answer: This depends on. Although the Copic marker itself has outstanding qualities of color, this color can be compromised. If exposed to harsh amounts of light, it is subject to fade and ruin the image. It is best to keep the illustration protected, and out of constant light exposure.

Q: Are Copic Markers Acid-Free?

Answer: These markers are meant to dry acid-free. Since many utilize them on multiple surfaces, it changes the way it reacts. Some surfaces absorb more than others, and this alcohol based ink is usually absorbed.

Q: I Live In AN Environment With High Elevation, Should I Purchase these?

Copic Markers Review
Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Fine and Chisel Tip, 24 Pack

Answer: Being that these markers are airtight, many wonder if these markers would last in more difficult climates. Weather and elevation can affect how the ink reacts since it is sealed in an airtight frame. The ink can accumulate and form thick forms that come out of the nib. This is most likely due to the factors stated above. Simply uncap both sides of the marker and lay it flat for a few moments and the marker should stabilize.

Q: If The Marker Is Dry On One Side, But The Other Side Seems Fine, Should I Refill It Anyway?

Answer: The ink itself will need refilling as both sides share the same ink chamber. Users should take this as a warning sign and quickly refill.

Copic Markers Review
Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, A4, 50 Sheets

Q: What Is The Best Brand To Buy?

Answer: This decision is placed into the buyer’s hands. All markers offer great quality. It comes down to budget and specific needs. Some come with a wider variety of color choices than others and some are compatible with airbrush systems. The qualities of each brand are listed above and users can buy sets that fit their individual need based on the brands major features.


Copic Markers Review

When getting a Copic marker set, it is imperative to understand a few key things. Although the alcohol based ink is made to not damage paper, it is good to know the best compatible paper to use with the band

Copic Markers Review
  Copic Marker Sketchbook, 9 x12 50 Sheets   

of Copic marker you choose. This means users will have to test paper to get the best results. A great way to do this is to draw a line using a compatible ink pen. Use the Copic marker over that same shape and if the ink feathers across the line, it is not compatible. The Copic marker takes practice and costs twice as much as a regular marker. Many recommend practicing before buying and learn the basics before trying it out. Shading is what this marker is usually used for and it is considered its best quality. To fully enjoy results, practice will enhance the outcomes. These markers are also great for shading and aid to make any drawing look life-like. Always keep these markers stored when not in use, to protect the investment.


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